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Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London
February 29
08:00 2016


London is known for its roots in history, art, food, fashion, and music. There are tons of attractions and oddities plus some really great restaurants and cafes you just have to try. Featuring menu items inspired by people and customs from around the world, you have a wide variety of wonderful options – but if you’re really just in the mood for some good downhome British food, there’s that too! When you think of London you might just think of cityscapes and tourist attractions. There really is so much more though.

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

London also knows how to hone in on the natural beauty of itself and showcase it unlike any other place in the world.

Where to Eat

Food is an important part of every destination vacation but London offers up some food that isn’t simply eaten – it’s experienced. And there are always so many new awesome places popping up it’s actually pretty hard to keep track of all the next best things! For now, here are some places that are tried and true so don’t miss out!


With 11 restaurants and five bars to choose from you simply can’t go wrong dining at this food marketplace. It’s like an outdoor market but has a roof and is weatherproofed for your comfort. It’s only open Thursday through Saturday though so definitely put this one on your agenda for a weekend outing.

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in LondonPoco Tapas Bar

This is the lovechild of some very passionate and creative folks who proudly serve award-winning food in a variety of menus. Poco is also a highly ethical company with a passion for sustainability.

Most of their ingredients are sourced locally, the ingredients that are imported are fair trade, they recycle refuse, track their waste so they can try to improve sustainability practices…these guys just keep getting better and better!

So go check out the creative, delicious dishes Chef Tom is preparing for you!



Mac and Wild

If you’re a hardcore carnivore and like your meat fresh, you’ll love Mac and Wild. All their venison is 100% wild, hunted up in the mountaintops. When it’s not deer season, they specialize in other equally decadent dishes including various seafood entrees and even haggis. Every weekend they offer up their Sunday Roast, which changes weekly.

Love Die Late

Caffeine by day and cocktails by night the business model this kitschy café lives by. During daylight hours they serve up coffee made from handpicked beans to ensure every latte you fall in love with is just as delicious as the last. The beans are sourced locally too so you know they are working hard to bring you the very best. Once the sun goes down, it’s happy hour all night long with homemade syrups you won’t find anywhere else for unique drinks all across the board. This is the kind of place you have to visit, fall in love with, and then come back with your friends because it’s too awesome to not share!

Where to Go

With so many things to see and places to go you’ll have to completely reschedule your itinerary at the end of every day because you’re bound to continuously discover new and interesting things you want to check out! So don’t make your plans in ink – instead write them in pencil and practice drawing arrows into your list so you can insert new destinations.

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

Bompas & Parr

This food and architecture studio could easily be listed under the food section but it’s so much more than just food it can easily be a quirky attraction you just want to go look at – and maybe take some photos. It’s difficult to describe exactly what Bompas & Parr is but let’s put it this way: they created an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic. They also made the world’s first multi-sensory fireworks. Let’s just say this place is off the hook. (Are kids still saying that?) The Bompas & Parr team consists of cooks, creatives, designers, technicians and architects. Just do yourself a favor and go experience it. There’s no way to properly describe such a strange and exciting place to check out!

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

The Sky Garden

This beautiful collection of gardens resides inside a huge dome of glass three stories tall and offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. There are also observation decks and an amazing open-air terrace, allowing you to take in London from a unique perspective and experience the city’s most beautiful gardens at the same time. There are also places to eat and have a drink inside the sphere including the contemporary Fenchurch Restaurant, which offers exquisite British fare featuring a wide choice of meats, fish, and vegetarian dishes. You can also enjoy the Darwin Brasserie for a different type of menu and the Sky Pod Bar for beverages of all kinds.

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

These botanic gardens were founded in 1759 and are the most famous gardens in the world. Kew is a World Heritage Site and has over 130 hectares of landscaped blooms and tree-draped walkways. You can explore the beautiful tropical glasshouses and iconic buildings on the property, as well. Kew has several cafes and restaurants on site so you have several options to take a break and have some tea. Don’t miss seeing the serene reflecting pools with giant lily pads for a wonderful scene that feels like it popped right out of a fairytale.

Where to Stay, Eat & Have Fun in London

There are plenty of other awe-inspiring attractions too so be on the lookout for anything that might pique your interest. Around every corner waits something new or interesting to experience, so keep your mind open. Savor the flavors, let the air renew your spirit and make lots of memories.

Even your shortest stay in London is long enough to inspire a lifetime of stories.


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