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Bali: What Does It Offer?

Bali: What Does It Offer?
February 19
08:00 2016

Bali is one of the most beautiful places a traveller can visit. Known worldwide for its inspiring arts like sculpture, painting, and film, Bali is also known for its glistening beaches and premier surfing. And ohh the dance! Both traditional and modern dance in Bali is mesmerising. The weather is pretty much always perfect to go out and enjoy the local markets and shops.

So check out some great places to shop, eat, and enjoy!

Bali: What does it Offer?

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

Called “a fresh oasis of ingenuity in the world of gastronomy”, this unique restaurant promises an entirely unforgettable experience on every level.

The meal is comprised of not just the food served but the careful handpicking of every ingredient, the perfectionist preparation, the highest caliber of service, and of course the surreal beauty of a tropical setting. Because the chef uses only local ingredients that are in season, the menu changes often – you may never have the same meal twice!

Mama San

The term mama san, typically referring to the madam of a gentlemen’s club, was chosen as the name for this restaurant to reflect the juxtaposition of old world and new world influences in the décor and cuisine.

This particular Mama San invites guests to dine in a casual, retro restaurant downstairs or head upstairs and step back in time to a “bourgeois gentlemen’s club” styled bar and cooking class! Light finger food is offered to accompany cocktails and patrons are allowed to smoke in the upper level, whereas they are not down below. This is a really fun concept and is definitely worth checking out.

Bali: What does it Offer?

Biku Restaurant

A unique combination of restaurant, tearoom, antique shop, and bookstore, Biku offers an array of experiences to be sipped, savoured and purchased.

Inspired heavily by traditional Balinese culture and showing a deep reverence for art and antiques, Biku also offers up some of the area’s best comfort food. Recipes include local ingredients to create meals for visitors that remind them of home. It’s a lovely twist on tradition with more than a modicum of modern that makes visitors feel at home. Don’t forget to try dessert either – the pies, cakes and other sweets change daily.

Museum Puri Lukisan

This is Ubud’s first museum and houses Bali’s finest pieces of modern art in existence. Current collections include Batuan, Sanur, Ubud, and Young Artist schools of painting, as well as selections of woodcarvings. All styles of painting are very different from one another and have come from varied time periods, as well.

The woodcarvings in particular are quite interesting because of some of the controversial subject matter. An artist by the name of Tjokot garnered quite a reputation for himself and was accused of “exploiting the expressive quality inherent in the wood”. In his defense, he explains that he went into the forest looking for unusual or oddly shaped tree trunks and branches and actually changed them very little.

Bali: What does it Offer?

Taman Nasional Bali Barat

The Taman Nasional Bali Barat, or West Bali National Park, is actually Bali’s only national park. One of the things this park is most well known for is the cacophony of sound made by the various birds flying from one tree to another. The park and its land are part of a huge conservation effort that includes more than 70 square kilometres of coral reef.

Not far from here is where the best diving in the area can be done but visitors must hike through the forest and into the mangroves to reach it. Most of the rest of the park is actually coastal savannah vegetation as opposed to tropical, and include 200 species of plants. Afternoon guests can see a variety of monkeys and macaques, several types of deer, wild pigs, buffalo, iguanas, pythons…you get the idea! It’s quite an experience!

Bali: What does it Offer?

Tirta Empul Temple

There’s no shortage of beautiful temples in Bali and they are all worthy of a visit; however, Tirta Empul is a water temple that oozes a sense of serenity that simply should not be missed. It may not be as big as some other temples nor as ornate, but its awe-inspiring tranquillity draws Hindu Balinese people and thousands of other visitors to pray and reflect. A large pool sits in the centre of the complex, and the temple is filled with lush trees and plants. The beautiful Tirta Empul is a lovely spot to stop for introspection, admiration, relaxation, or to simply shake off the stress of the city.

Bali: What does it Offer?

There’s actually a lot more to see and do in Bali – much of which is photo worthy. Also, don’t forget to take in the natural beauty of the place. Some of the area’s most breathtaking sights can be experienced from the beach or simply walking through a local marketplace. Be ready to behold some beautiful vistas and make unforgettable memories. And bring your camera!


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