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Ten Slang Terms You and Your Family Need to Know When You Fly to Australia

Ten Slang Terms You and Your Family Need to Know When You Fly to Australia
November 17
12:19 2014

Learn how to get by on your family holiday down under with Bravofly’s ten slang terms you and your family need to know when you fly to Australia.

They Have a Special Brand of English Down Under

You and your family have spent hours (and we mean hours) flying to the land down under. You’re exhausted but pumped up for the holiday of a lifetime. Then you get off the plane, get through the terminal and ask the nearest flight attendant where the toilet is… and they say something about a ‘dunny.’

They may speak English down under but it’s not quite the British brand of the English language you are familiar with. Australians have a special set of slang terms all of their own, which you need to get to grips with if you want to make the most of your family trip to the other side of the world and have the holiday of a lifetime!

Ten Australian Slang Terms to Help You Talk to Everyday Australians

Here at Bravofly, we’ve become experts when it comes to the art of Australian slang, and in our experience, the following ten terms will help you enormously when you’re trying to communicate with everyday Australians…

  • Dunny: As already mentioned, another name for a toilet. Proves invaluable when your kids have had too many fizzy drinks.


  • G’Day Mate: Most people tend to already know this one but we thought we’d include it anyway because you will need it. It’s basically hello in Australian!


  • Back of Bourke: Another term for the middle of nowhere… a great one to help you out when you’re lost!


  • Plonk: Another one you might be familiar with, it’s a term for a cheap bottle of wine. Parents, did you hear that, cheap wine!


  • Blokes and Sheilas: Guys and dolls, men and women, etc. You’re bound to hear these pretty basic terms at some point.


  • By Jingoes: An exclamation of surprise. When you hear this one, you might want to find out what all the fuss is about. You never know, you could be in a fantastically Australian experience!


  • Thongs: Not as saucy as you think it is! It’s another word for beachwear, so don’t act all scandalised when you hear it!


  • Ears Flapping: This means listen carefully, so when your family hears it, it is likely you are getting information you need to know, so you better get your ears flapping!


  • Ratbag: Basically, an idiot, so when someone calls you a ratbag, maybe what you or your family are doing is a bit impolite in Australia, and you should probably reign it in a little.


  • Aussie: We hope this one speaks for itself… it’s all things Australian!

Fit in With the Local Aussies

OK, they speak English so you might not need to say these. But it’ll make your whole trip easier if you and your family don’t have to ask what people mean every five seconds. Plus, who really wants to look like a tourist anyway? With these slang terms from Bravofly, you can fit in with the local Aussies!

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