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Must-Have Apps for When You Travel

Must-Have Apps for When You Travel
December 28
08:00 2015

Travelling, as much as most of us love it, can be a real hassle. You want the best rates on tickets and accommodation. You have to make sure you pack everything you might need, anticipating every conceivable glitch in the weather. You have to make sure you can communicate with the people when you get there. You need to know approximately how much meals will cost. How will you get around once you arrive? Are you renting a car? Taking public transportation? How much does that cost? It’s a lot to think about and can be enough to make anyone too stressed to enjoy their time away! Save yourself as much headache as possible – and cash too – by being prepared. Get these apps and let them take some of the load off.

Must-Have Apps for When You TravelTwo Tickets to Paradise

When you’re planning a trip it’s absolutely crucial to get the best prices possible on airline tickets, hotels, and holiday packages and the Bravofly app is a great place to start. You can book your flights alone or with your hotel room – the whole kit and caboodle. Pretty much all your planning can be done from this one app. This app compares over 350 airlines to ensure you get the best possible price. You can even check your flight status with this app.

Packing and Planning

Most of us by now have gone somewhere far from home only to realise we left behind something we absolutely needed, and head to go out in unfamiliar territory to find a replacement. Well forget that! With Travel List you can easily keep track of what you need no matter where you’re going. You can save the lists and organize them by destination, too, which makes repeat trips easier than ever. You can even categorise what you need so if you have last-minute items to take with you, Travel List will remind you. As you’re packing you’ll want to keep up with your flight status so go ahead and get FlightTrack Pro. It includes all the data for over 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines so you are definitely covered no matter wherever you’re heading.

Must-Have Apps for When You Travel

Getting Around Town

Once you arrive at your destination, you need to know how to navigate around your new surroundings. CityMaps2Go is perfect for checking out where to eat and what to do. You can even plan ahead and save maps with pins marking things to want to check out, making it easier than ever to experience everything you hope to without wasting precious time trying to figure out exactly where you are and how to get where you want to go. Once you get there, don’t end up insulting someone when you’re simply trying to ask how much that cute hat costs or where the nearest restroom is. Use the tried and true Google Translate, which utilizes 90 languages on both the Apple and Android platforms. Want to find the best places to eat and just hang out? Try living like a local with Localeur, an app that comes complete with recommendations and reviews from locals wherever you are. And while you’re out and about, don’t be caught without an umbrella if WeatherPro is forecasting rain. Providing 7-day forecasts for 2 million cities, no matter where you are you can check the weather. As long as you’ve packed appropriately you can either break out the sandals and sunglasses or grab your jacket and scarf, just like a local.

Must-Have Apps for When You Travel

Minding Your Money

Keeping tabs on your bank account can be taxing, so get some assistance from apps that are here to help. Mint keeps you up to date on how much you’re spending, what you’re buying, and how much you have left in all your accounts. It also keeps track of your credit score and provides you with at-a-glance visuals so you always know exactly what’s in the bank. Furthermore, while you’re spending your money you won’t have to constantly be wondering about the price of things being lost in translation, either. With the iPhone Currency Converter, you have the price of that adorable dress in 190 currencies right at your fingertips. It will even tell you the price in metal if you need it.

These are some really great apps that should truly help you enjoy travelling from beginning to end. Our phones and tablets are getting so smart we hardly have to consult anything else to plan for last minute weekend getaways or a month long holiday across the globe. So take advantage of the help these apps offer – they will help relieve you of stress, reassure you of your flight number, and ensure you are able to enjoy yourself while you’re away.

Bon voyage!


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Nicole Connolly is a full time traveller, freelance writer and lover of life. Travelling full-time since March 2012, Nicole and her husband Michael gave up their worldly possessions to travel indefinitely. Nicole shares stories, tips and guides on their travel blog Suitcase Stories.


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