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12 Money Saving Tips for New Year’s Eve celebrations

12 Money Saving Tips for New Year’s Eve celebrations
December 21
08:00 2015

The BIG night is almost upon us. The PARTY of the Year. This night we hand over our hopes and dreams and welcome in the Best Year Ever.
Be careful.
I often find, and is true for the majority of people I speak to, that New Year’s Even can often be a big disappointment. We put a lot of focus, time and money into preparing and expecting for this life-changing event, yet it rarely works out that way because things like huge crowds, high expense and a sore over indulged tummy and head get in the way.
I’ve been disappointed by the New Year’s hype that many times that I no longer put much time and energy into it. I’d rather make the other 364 days of the year memorable.

12 Money Saving Tips for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Here are a few tips to reduce the New Year’s pressure, save some money and have a gentler, more memorable experience.


How to choose your New Year’s Eve experience:

Firstly, what are you interested in experiencing for New Year’s Eve?
Is it a bucket list moment, like fireworks over Sydney Harbour, or an intimate moment with close friends and family?
For the experience, you desire the most consider the following:
• How much will it cost?
• Will it be crowded and how can you manage it?
• What is the feeling I most want from this experience?

Bucket list moments, like seeing the ball drop in Times Square and the fireworks over Sydney Harbour, involve maddening crowds and other frustration party poopers like no alcohol, long lines, limited toilets and high expense.
Is it such a huge bucket list moment for you that you’re willing to deal with it? Your call.
Consider whether there is an alternative way to experience it. Perhaps you can rent, or join a party on, a boat in Sydney Harbour. You’ll have the expense still, but not the crowds. You’ll also have access to your own food, alcohol, and a toilet.
For the millennium New Years, we attended a friend’s house party in Sydney. We weren’t on the harbour, but we saw the fireworks in the distance and had an amazing time still.

12 Money Saving Tips for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Here are 12 money saving tips for New Year’s Eve travel:

1. Consider travelling close to home

2. Rent an apartment or home with family and friends and split the costs. We’ve been able to rent 14 bedroom homes for a cost of only $100 per person.

3. Look for unique festivals and experiences that aren’t as popular.

4. Consider camping (for those in the Southern Hemisphere!) with your friends and family. We had a small New Year’s Eve party in Africa in a safari park with new friends. Can’t beat the midnight lion roar.

5. Plan for and book your trip in advance. The closer you get to The Event of the Year the more expensive it will be.

6. Consider holding off your celebration until New Year’s Day. Have a BBQ, a picnic, or a game of cricket with friends. It’s a more relaxing and enjoyable way to celebrate and kick off the New Year.

7. Do you know anyone who is hosting their party in a popular destination? We saved a lot of money on our trip to New York for New Year’s Eve by staying with friends and attending a house party. We self-catered, avoided the crowds and watched the fireworks over the Statue of Liberty from their rooftop.

8. Avoid celebrations in bars. Again, those high priced tickets come with long lines for drinks and the toilet. A friend of ours paid the person in the front of the toilet queue in a New York bar $40 just to jump in front of the extra-long queue. Put your thinking caps on with your mates, and pool the money you would have spent to buy a more intimate experience.

9. Stay in hotels further out from where the main action will be and then take public transport to the party.

10. Consider travelling overseas to an all-inclusive resort and make your party last longer than just one night. A cruise might also be a good option.

11. Travel to a beach on South East Asia. You’ll find a beach party and plenty of action for a much cheaper price.

12. Stay at home. Watch all the action on TV with a few quiet drinks. Put all that saved money into your travel fund instead.

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