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How to Save Hundreds While on the Road

How to Save Hundreds While on the Road
June 05
09:00 2015

You work hard to save money for travel. In fact, financial issues are the main thing holding most people back from living their travel dreams. So when all your hard work and saving finally pays off, and you embark on that once in a lifetime trip, you will want to make sure your money stretches as far as possible.

This article isn’t about travelling for free, or even travelling for $5 per day. You don’t have to sleep in bedbug infested dorm rooms, or camp, or hitchhike to save hundreds while on the road. You can travel in style and still save money by following this guide. By planning a few extra details, or making a few small changes, you can still save some dollars without compromising on the aspects of your trip that are important to you.

Book hotels with free breakfast

This is a little detail which can save you tons. There are loads of hotels out there that offer free breakfast with your room. This can range from a full buffet breakfast to simple toast and coffee. Everybody wakes up hungry, and by the time you are up and ready to explore you will be even more hungry. It can be easy to drop a ton of money on an extravagant breakfast when you are hungry and ready to explore a new place. By booking a hotel with free breakfast you not only get to eat sooner, but keep some money back for the rest of the trip.

Eat out for lunch instead of dinner

Eating out is one of the biggest travel expenses after accommodation, but it is also one of the things which makes each day memorable. If you are like me, then a sure way to end up in a bad mood is to eat a bad meal. There is a way to enjoy eating out at restaurants, while still watching the budget. Most restaurants offer fantastic lunch specials and lunch menus at a much lower price than for dinner. You can sometimes get the exact same food, but for almost half the price, just by eating out at lunch instead of dinner. So splash out on lunch, and self-cater for dinner. You will get all the travel experience, but at a fraction of the cost.

Travel carry on only

The days of free luggage on flights is over. Almost every airline these days charges you extra for each piece of luggage you have. Just one average sized backpack or suitcase can easily cost you an extra 15 or 20 dollars per flight. If you are hopping on several flights, this can easily add up. By travelling carry on only, you are not only able to move through the airport much faster and easier, but you will also save a bunch of cash.

Rent manual vehicles

This is one of the less obvious ways to save money while on the road. Everyone loves a good road trip right? But did you know that in most countries, the cost of renting a manual vehicle is much less than the cost of renting an automatic? We recently spent five months travelling through Europe and we rented cars in five different countries. We honestly saved at least two hundred dollars just by renting the cheaper, manual vehicle option.

Use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees

There is nothing more annoying than losing money to silly fees. Imagine logging into your internet banking to realize that a huge portion of your hard earned travel savings has been whittled away on foreign transaction fees? Well that is a very big possibility if you don’t check the fine print of your credit card before travelling overseas.

A little research really does go a long way. Do your research ahead of time and find a card available from your country which does not charge a foreign transaction fee. All those $1, $2 and $5 dollar fees really do add up, so use it to buy yourself some cool souvenirs instead of donating it to the bank.


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Jade Johnston

Jade Johnston

Jade Johnston is a travel blogger, originally from Canada, who lives in Melbourne, Australia and travels with world with her husband and young son. She writes about budget travel, family travel, cultural travel, and destination guides on her blog Her goal is to visit 50 countries by the time she turns 30.


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