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How Can You Upgrade to First Class?

How Can You Upgrade to First Class?
May 15
09:36 2015

The advantages for the young professional jetting off around the world to a pivotal meeting of first class are enormous. That’s why at Bravofly this week we thought we’d help you reap the benefits with this guide on how you can upgrade to first class.

When you’re travelling to a major meeting, you don’t have the time to relax on your flight. You need to use every single second that you can to prepare the materials you need to make a fantastic impression once you’ve hit the boardroom.

The issue here is that economy class has its own set of distractions that makes concentrating so that you deliver your best impossible. It’s loud, there’s not enough space etc. That’s why if you get the chance to upgrade to first class and reap the benefits, you should take it.

A Few Tips to Secure that First Class Upgrade

The opportunity to upgrade only comes along every once in a while, but when it does you should seize the opportunity to switch to first class and increase your productivity. What are the most effective methods you can use to secure that elusive upgrade?

  • Volunteer: Business is all about recognising an opportunity and seizing it, capitalising on the benefits before anyone else and if you hear that the flight is oversold, you should volunteer to give up your seat. In some cases, they will offer to upgrade you to first class. Beware though that this depends on circumstances.
  • Take Advantage: Another opportunity you should capitalise on is when you have been inconvenienced by an airline. They have their reputation to think about, and they won’t want to give you an opportunity to damage that reputation. Request an upgrade and you’ll receive it simply to keep you happy. There really is a silver lining in every dark cloud, especially when you’re flying amongst them!
  • Trade on Your Name: It may seem ridiculous, but there is power in a title. Often times a free upgrade will come because the airline needs to free up economy class seats, and they’ll often use the reservation document to decide who gets the upgrade. If you have title such as Doctor, then they’ll look on you more favourably and you’ll be in a better position to secure that elusive upgrade.

Watch out for the Sales: Airlines will sometimes offer promotional deals for business class seats that will see them listed as at the same or near the value of economy class seats. Keep an eye out, you never know when one of these promotional deals will come about.

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