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A Cheapskate’s Guide to Visiting Italy

A Cheapskate’s Guide to Visiting Italy
June 30
09:00 2015

So you want to visit Italy, but you don’t want to spend a bundle. Well, I’ve got you covered. As it happens, there is a way to see one of the most visited countries on the planet without spending a fortune.

A Cheapskate's Guide to Visiting Italy

Take a look at the tips below to help you plan your trip to Italy on the cheap:

Travel light

That’s right, before you even get on the plane, you can start to take advantage of travelling to Italy cheaply. Only pack the bare essentials. Two or three outfits max. Then, when you arrive, grab some detergent and wash every few days or so. This will save you from paying extra baggage check fees. It will also free up room in your suitcase, or travel pack, for souvenirs on the return flight.

Getting from place to place

As much as you can, travel by train or bus. The railway system in Italy is quite economical, and bus trips are always filled with spectacular scenery. Beyond that, walk as much as you can. The exercise would do you good, and you will save a decent amount of cash by stretching your legs.


Tips on dining for less in Italy

Many restaurants and cafés in Italy have two prices. This is in addition to lunch and dinner prices. Get familiar with the terms Banco and Tavolo. Banco is a cheaper menu option for those who choose to eat while standing. You could end up paying much more if you choose the Tavolo option. The price tends to jump quite a bit if you want the luxury of sitting while you eat. Also, order a bottle of wine rather then a glass. It’s much cheaper, and the quality of the wine will be spectacular. It is Italy after all.



Rather than paying the price for a luxury or historic hotel, consider staying in a hostel. Bring a padlock to keep your personal items safe while you are away. Another great option is house sitting, if you are going to be there for an extended period of time. The great thing about this is that you can stay in some pretty amazing homes for free. The homeowner might want you to keep an eye on a few basic things for them, but that is a small price to pay in exchange for better accommodation!


If you want to see some great history, consider walking through any of the cathedrals that are peppered throughout Italy. These are works of art in their own right, and they are free to access. Most of the attractions in tourist areas do not cost very much either. However, the food nearby is what will get you. Walk for a bit before you decide to stop for lunch or dinner. The further you are from tourist attractions, the more the price drops. You can save a lot of money that way.


Now you are ready to set out and explore Italy like a pro. You can see all that you want to see, for a fraction of what you would normally spend if you follow the tips mentioned above. The only other thing you need to pay attention to is the time you would like to visit. Typically, travelling to Italy is cheapest in the month of August. Beyond that, pay attention to winter and spring. Those are cheaper seasons as well, except for Christmas. Stay away from that week and all should be well.

So hit the Internet and start searching! There is an abundance of package deals and discounts. If you couple those together with the tips mentioned above, you might even have money for a return trip. How awesome would that be!


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Suitcase Stories

Nicole Connolly is a full time traveller, freelance writer and lover of life. Travelling full-time since March 2012, Nicole and her husband Michael gave up their worldly possessions to travel indefinitely. Nicole shares stories, tips and guides on their travel blog Suitcase Stories.


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