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The Five Wildest Can’t-miss South American Festivals

The Five Wildest Can’t-miss South American Festivals
September 30
17:55 2015

One of the best parts about traveling is stumbling upon an unexpected party being held in that country. But what if you could plan your festival discovery? Bravofly Australia has the definitive list of the top five wildest South American festivals that are definitely worth scheduling your trip around. Pay attention, because these events are not to be missed.

1. Carnival, Brazil

Of course we would kick this list off with the world’s most famous dance party. For anyone who loves festivals, this Rio event is as absolute must-do. The locals, also known as Cariocas, adamantly claim that Rio’s Carnival is the “Greatest Show on Earth.” In fact, this party is so looked forward-to every year that there are special-priced cheap flights from multiple countries dedicated to getting you there.

Brazil Carnival Festivals

Held every year during the five days leading up to Ash Wednesday, this festival is a historical tribute to the decadent celebration of consuming all food and drink before the Catholic Lent of forty days fasting which leads up to Easter. Historically, everyone would eat and drink as much as they could physically handle before depriving their piggy selves in a religious ritual, which welcomed the coming spring. Now it’s a gender-bending African samba-fusing costume-crazy party.

2. Tango Buenos Aires Festivals, Argentina

Every August this festival draws half a millions spectators to watch contestants perform the sexiest of all dances – the Tango. This dance is so erotic that there are rumors it may have originated in Argentine brothels back in the 1800s.

Argentina Festivals

This festival has been called the “world’s biggest tango extravaganza,” and officially lasts eighteen days, though the tango fever lasts all month long. Tango classes, recitals, performances, shows, and films are held all over the city at various venues. And don’t even think about not going if you don’t know how to Tango – can you think of better place to learn?!

3. Inti Raymi, Peru

This festival steps back from the sexiness and debauchery of Carnival and Tango to pay homage to Peru’s Incan roots and the almighty sun. Every year in late June, this festival pays homage to the plants and animals and celestial gods that contributed to Incan culture and its winter solstice.


This festival spans an entire week leading up to the new year where concerts, parades, and fairs are entirely dedicated to celebration, food, and fun. This festival is rooted in reverence but manifests in pure joy for Peruvians. If you love culture and history and dance and food, then this party is a must.

4. Los Diablos Dizantes, Venezuela

Venezuelans rejoice in this tribute to the Feast of Corpus Christi in typical Venezuelan style by dancing through the streets in devil costumes. This is a religious festival dating back to 1610 celebrates the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated across the country.

Art is a big factor in this Venezuelan festival where participants take great pride in dressing themselves in elaborate costumes before they take to the streets adorned in colourful devil-inspired imagery to frenetically dance as what are known as promeseros (promise-keepers.)

5. Tapati Rapa Nui, Chile

Easter Island’s claim to fame is traditionally it’s iconic monolithic head statues, but that isn’t the only thing you need to know about the island. Every summer (that would be February) they hold this festival of testosterone-fueled man contests, feminine grace, and introducing visitors to their local culture.

Chile Festival

This party is dedicated to celebrating Polynesian pride with dancing, singing, parades, and best of all, food. Tourists gather every year to witness this event, but the best thing about this party is that it’s not dedicated to entertaining tourists. Instead, it’s one of the most authentic festivals you could ever experience.

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    Heading to South American next year! Thank you SO MUCH FOR THESE IDEAS! I have bookmarked your page and shared it with friends!

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