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Five Rules of Australian Networking Etiquette

Five Rules of Australian Networking Etiquette
May 06
16:27 2015

If you want to impress on a business trip to Australia, read on, as this week, Bravofly reveals the five rules of Australian networking etiquette to remember down under.

Business Doesn’t Always Take Place in the Boardroom

Considering the economic power of Australia, it is likely that at some point, your company will send you to the land down under on a business trip. As you are the face of your company, it is always important to follow the country’s business etiquette rules, to ensure your trip is a success.

Yet business doesn’t just take place in the boardroom. In Australia especially, deals are conducted just as much in social settings as they are in the office. That is why if you truly want to be ready for a business trip down under, you need to know Australia’s networking etiquette, as well as its business etiquette.

Remember These Five Rules When Networking

As luck would have it, we’ve compiled a list of five rules of Australian networking etiquette just for you here on the Bravofly blog this week, which are as follows…

  • Loosen Up: In general, Australian business culture is fairly relaxed, so you’ll win no points for turning up in an over starched suit and donning a British stiff upper lip all night. Be friendly and engaging in conversation, yet polite.


  • Split the Bill: Australians take the idea of shared responsibility very seriously and the common practise is to share payment for everything. That is why you must always split the bill as if you don’t, it makes you look un-generous, which can reflect badly on your company when down under.


  • Know How to Hold Your Alcohol: Australia is a country which has a deep drinking culture, so chances are, when you are socialising for business purposes, you will be expected to drink at some point. However, they aren’t the British and they don’t tolerate binge drinking in business circle, so always know how to hold your alcohol.


  • Be Honest: They really value honesty, especially when networking. It can seem tempting to embellish in conversation but don’t. Australian’s tend to see that sort of thing coming a mile off and won’t reward you for it.


  • Be Cheerful and Empathetic: Australian’s are like the British in the fact that they don’t believe in airing every little problem. Rather, it pays to be empathetic, yet cheerful when networking down under.


Remember to be a Good Person

From there, the best advice Bravofly can give you is to simply be a good person. Networking is your time out of the office to connect with your potential business partners on a personal level.  That’s why you should be the best person you possibly can be, because if you don’t, in Australia they will know it, and will almost certainly impact your chances of success down under.

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