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Five Rules of Australian Business Etiquette You Need to Know

Five Rules of Australian Business Etiquette You Need to Know
April 15
14:39 2015

This week, Bravofly presents you with the five rules of Australian business etiquette you need to know for the next time your company sends you down under.

Make Sure You Observe Cultural Customs When You Travel For Business

Any successful professional will tell you that negotiations are a delicate matter. Therefore, when you are asked to represent your company abroad, you must employ all of your powers of communication to overcome often cumbersome cultural barriers, and achieve the aim you set out to accomplish in the first place.

One of the most effective ways to overcome the cultural barriers of the country in question, and strike up an effective business relationship with those you are meeting, is to learn and employ their cultural customs. Doing so, not only assures that you don’t offend – thus alienate and lose – them, but that they see how willing you are to go the extra mile, to ensure that you trip to meet them proves profitable for everyone.

The Following Five Rules Will Help You in Any Australian Boardroom

That is why, wherever you fly, you must observe the rules of business etiquette. Australia, with its thriving economy, is no different, and whenever your company sends you to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. make sure you keep the following five rules of Australian business etiquette in mind…

  • Keep Greetings Formal But Light: Whilst Australian’s are known for the greeting G’Day mate, they certainly don’t see it as appropriate for the boardroom. Keep greetings to ‘hello,’ ‘hi’ etc., yet because the Australians are positive, keep it with a warm handshake and a smile.


  • Keep to Certain Topics: Whilst small talk is common in an Australian boardroom to break the ice, there are certain topics you must avoid. Specifically, these include immigration and aboriginal issues, which are often seen as quite controversial down under.


  • Appear Modest: Australians as a society value modesty, and even in the boardroom, it is not seen as proper to brag. This is why it is advisable to avoid overselling your company and aggressively quoting sales statistics. Stick to the facts and especially avoid self-importance.


  • Get Involved in the Debate: When you are in a meeting in Australia, it is common to find yourself suddenly greeted by a controversial change in the conversation. Don’t avoid it, Australians often use this as a tactic to get the true measure of who they are dealing with, and appreciate it when you respond with good humour and contribute to the debate.


  • Be Patient: Generally, decision making in Australian boardrooms tends to be a slow process, due to the collaborative work environment typically favoured down under. That is why you need to maintain patience at all times, as they are less likely to decide in your favour if you try to hasten the decision making process.

Manners Tend to go a Long Way

Essentially, when you walk into an Australian boardroom, you need every tool in  your arsenal to ensure you walk away with the result you desire, which is why Bravofly would heavily to advise you to observe the rules of Australian business etiquette. After all, in the boardroom, as in life, manners tend to go a long way.

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