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Destination Guide to Hamburg

Destination Guide to Hamburg
July 13
12:50 2015

There is more to Hamburg than meets the eye. So much more to be exact. Consider this to be your one-stop destination guide for your visit to Hamburg. We are going to explore some of the most well-known places as well as off the beaten path jewels. Hamburg has a lot to offer, so let’s explore together.

Alter Elbtunnel

If free suits your budget like it does mine, then you need to visit this tunnel. It is a tunnel that serves pedestrians, motorists and bikes. Its primary purpose is to connect central Hamburg to the south side of the river. Alter Elbtunnel is an underground tunnel, and is a sight to see. Be sure to take in the artwork that dins the walls. The best part, it’s open 24 hours a day.

Chilehaus in Hamburg, Germany

Miniatur Wunderland

Perhaps you have experienced the world’s largest train, but I bet you have never seen the world’s largest model train exhibit. This model railroad is so large in fact, that it is broken up into five different sections. In all, there are around 900 trains, 200,000 or so trees and people, and approximately 300,000 lights. Take the U-bahn and exit at Baumwall station to find Miniatur Wunderland.

Hamburg Zoo

Get up close and personal with wildlife at Hamburg Zoo. This zoo is an eclectic mix of wildlife from around the world and consists of artificial man-made habitats that resemble forests, deserts, and the sea. Of course, each habitat contains animals specific to that type of environment. There are plenty of restaurants for dining, as well as playgrounds for keeping your kids busy. And don’t forget to take in the awesome dolphin show! In addition, a Recreation Park can be found on site to offer a bit of respite from walking in the hot sun. This could easily fill a day so come prepared. You will be exhausted at the end of this adventure.

Hamburg Zoo

The Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)

The Hamburg Town Hall is actually larger than London’s Buckingham Palace. Also, most visitors say it is one of the best things to see in Hamburg. The photo ops are amazing as it rests on a massive Square inspired by the Piazza San Marco found in Venice. Take a tour of the Hall while you are there. It last about 45 minutes and takes you through some of the most opulently decorated government state rooms you have ever seen in your life. Worth a visit just to see the lavish interior, the Rathaus does not disappoint!


Fish Auction Hall and Market

So what do you do if you find yourself up late and need some beer and bratwurst? Well, head over to the Fish Market. There you will find some of the most rambunctious, joyful people on the planet. Most tourists say that this is one of the more unique attractions in Hamburg. As a bonus, they are open early on Sunday mornings.

Fish Market

St. Katharinen and St. Michaelis Kirche

You need to visit this structure just to see how impressive things were built during the 14th and 15th century. This old stately church certainly has a bit of Gothic influence, most evidenced by its large open tower. Beautiful and mesmerising, there are plenty of photo ops to be had for sure. Afterwards, head over to Saint Michaelis. Constructed in 1762, this is one of the most beautiful Baroque style structures in north Germany. The tower was added a bit later, in 1786, however it is the signature feature of the church. It is also considered to be a definitive symbol among those who live in Hamburg. Be sure to stick around for the trumpeter. Twice a day he plays a beautiful solo from the top of the tower.


One other item you simply must see are the rows of brick warehouses that are lined up in a stately manner along the edge of the riverbank. These were used in the early trade days of Hamburg. They were used to store spices, coffee and silk used for trade. They are not open to the public, but shutterbugs can’t resist them. Feel free to snap a few pics of these buildings with their Venice like water way canals.

Part of the old Speicherstadt

Part of the old Speicherstadt

A final word about Hamburg. When navigating the city, it is best to use the U-bahn. It is the most efficient means of travelling to and fro while you are there. Beyond that, simply prepare yourself for the cultural experience of a lifetime. Hamburg is a city that moves to its own rhythm. One visit and it will likely have you doing the same.

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