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Asia’s Top Airports To Enjoy a Long Layover

Asia’s Top Airports To Enjoy a Long Layover
September 11
18:30 2015

For most business and leisure travelers, Airports are usually viewed as sometimes boring and often stressful locations that are necessary parts of a long journey. There are many airports, however, where having time to kill isn’t such a bad thing. Places where you can catch a movie, take a swim, and even play a round of golf while waiting for your next flight.

Asia is home to some of the world most extravagant airports, with many that offer world-class shopping, art exhibitions and ice rinks to entertain you on your next long layover. Let Bravofly Australia take you on a tour of 6 of our favorite airports in Asia.

1. Incheon Airport, South Korea

Incheon Airport in South Korea is one of the most impressive airports in Asia and offers a wide array of activities to keep you busy during your time here including a golf course, a cinema and its world famous indoor ice rink!

If you are looking to get a few hours shut-eye before your flight, you can head to their ‘jimjilbang’ (the Korean word for a sauna or spa) and pay a minimal fee to get a soft mat and a blanket on a corner of their heated floor next to up to 100 other weary passengers. You can also relax in their various hot tubs and have a power shower before you catch your early morning flight.

Incheon Airports

2. Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong

Staying on the topic of luxury golf courses in airports, let us introduce you to the spectacular Hong Kong International Airport, home to a perfectly kept 9-hole golf course.

The airport also plays host to a wide variety of other unique amenities which include Hong Kong’s largest IMAX theater, and the ‘Dream Come True’ Educational Park, designed for children to experience real life work by role-playing in related uniforms. If you are looking to kill time within the airport itself, you will find a movie theater, an arcade and many free PlayStation consoles that are free for anyone to use!

Hong Kong Airports

3. Samui Airport, Thailand

Next on our list is the enticing Samui Airport in Thailand which oozes tranquility and resembles that of a peaceful Buddhist temple.

The open design allows for comfort and beautiful views of the surrounding island, known to be a top honeymoon destination and popular with travelers the world over. Koh Samui airport is also an excellent spot to spend a few hours unwinding, relaxing and possibly meditating before your onward journey.

Samui Airports

4. Changi Airport, Singapore

In the off chance your flight is cancelled or delayed, then Changi Airport is simply as good as it gets. This stunning airport in Singapore has won over 390 awards with some people claiming it to be more exciting than the country itself!

Among its offerings is a four-story indoor slide suitable for kids and adults, a butterfly garden, a rooftop pool (and rooftop bar), more than 300 shops, napping areas and to top it off…free movie theaters for passengers to while away the hours before their next departure.

Changi Airports

5. Haneda Airport, Japan

Japan has long tried to make its’ airports more than just places to transit from and more like large shopping center’s that you just happen to be able to fly out of.

The Haneda Airport is testament to this. Among the abundance of shops is the first airport planetarium called ‘The Starry Cafe’ which allows passengers to enjoy a meal under a dome of 40,000,000 stars.

Haneda Airports

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