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5 Reasons You Should Visit A National Park

5 Reasons You Should Visit A National Park
May 02
08:00 2016

There are fantastic national parks all over the US and we make a point to visit as many as we possibly can. The cool thing about national parks is that each one is different and each has a uniqueness about it that makes it really special.

Here are 5 reasons you should visit a national park:

1. See nature in it’s purest form

In this day in age it’s hard to find anything pristine and untouched, especially when talking about land. National park lands are protected by very strict laws. This means when you visit the park, you’re seeing it pretty much the same way it has looked for many, many years. This also means that the park should remain in this condition for generations to come.

Reasons You Should Visit A National Park

2. To learn how the park came about

Each national park is significant in it’s own way. Some for their natural wonder. Others for their history. Hearing first hand why the park is qualified as a national park teaches you so much, not only about the park, but about the region in general.

3. To see how the parks are so different

We visited a national park that was on a small island 70 miles off Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. We also visited a national park that was over 8,000 feet in elevation. It was amazing to see how different just these 2 parks were, not to mention the dozens of other parks all over the country.

We loved walking the beach at the Dry Tortugas, but we also loved hiking a mountain in Yellowstone. Each of these very different from each other, yet both belonging to the same park system.

Reasons You Should Visit A National Park

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4. Great value

Admission to the parks is very reasonable. They also have an annual pass for $80 USD. This is good for admission to any national park as well as other agencies such as national forests. For such a small investment, you are getting so much in return. You are seeing stunning views, hiking some of the most challenging, yet beautiful, trails even exploring a cave.

National parks make a great vacation destination for solo travelers as well as families.

5. Park Programs

The national parks all have their own special Ranger-led programs to help show you and teach you about the park. These go from nature walks to talks and demonstrations. Our kids love to do the Junior Ranger programs, which include a booklet containing questions or puzzles that can be answered by looking around the park. Our kids have learned so much from these programs and one of the best things they’ve learned is to respect the parks and to appreciate them for their natural beauty.

Reasons You Should Visit A National Park

2016 is the US National Park System’s Centennial celebration which is a great excuse to go visit one. Most likely you won’t have to go far to find a national park near you. Check out their website for more information and to Find Your Park!

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