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10 Tips for Travelling Healthy

10 Tips for Travelling Healthy
December 14
19:33 2015


Here are some tips and tricks for treating your body right while you’re on the go. If you travel a lot, you’re bound to notice a pretty big difference in your health and energy – not to mention your overall state of wellbeing.

Tips for Traveling Healthy:

1. Eating and Exercising Right:

Keeping on track with fitness and health while travelling can be tricky. You sit for long periods of time while you’re driving, you sit in airports, and you sit on planes and trains. The list goes on. Eating right is even more daunting when all you have time for is a quiet drive through for fast food or salty snacks on the plane. If you’re lucky you think ahead and stash a couple of granola bars in your bag – maybe even a banana. Something has to give though because granola bars and bananas are not going to give you the energy you need for the whole day. You need a meal. And by “meal” we don’t mean a supersized cheeseburger combo.

2. Bring Your Own Bottle:

Pack bottles of water. Lots of them. Keep cash on hand to buy more. Water is the single most important thing to have with you while you travel. Fatigue and boredom easily settle while travelling and hydration will help fight that. This is especially true when flying. The air in the cabin tends to be extremely dry so drink a full bottle of water before you board.

Tips for Traveling Healthy:

3: Pack on the Calories:

Rather, pack them in your suitcase. Go ahead and grab the granola bars, protein shakes, bananas, and oranges. These are all things you can eat in the car, on the plane, and while waiting for your next leg of the trip. They will help keep your energy level up and prevent fatigue.

4. Jump for Joy:

One super easy way to make sure you get your daily exercise is to take a jump rope with you. Before you leave the hotel room every morning, skip rope for 10-20 minutes. This is not only great cardio but will help release those happy endorphins and give you a natural boost to start your big day.

Tips for Traveling Healthy:

5. Shop ‘til You Drop:

Once you arrive at your destination, find a nearby grocery store or fresh market and load up on fruits and veggies to keep in your hotel room. Most rooms have a small refrigerator so you can keep them chilled if you prefer; or leave them out at room temperature. Either way you will always have a snack in the room for when you get the munchies or just need a quick energy boost. You can also, of course, keep the fillings for sandwiches. This is also helpful for keeping costs down if you have kids, who (as we all know) are always hungry!

6. Push-ups and Planking:

Another great way to get in some exercise before you leave the room is to do some push-ups and planking. Neither requires any extra equipment and will help tone your muscles for the day ahead. It’s recommended that you do some stretching before and after, as well.

Tips for Traveling Healthy:

7. Always Choose the Stairs

Whether you’re at the airport or staying in a hotel, skip the lift and opt to walk the stairs. This is an easy way to keep your heart healthy and make sure you get in some exercise throughout the day. Stairs are amazing for calves and glutes so if you do this often enough, you’re likely to see a pretty amazing difference just by going through your normal day!

8. Walk the Talk:

When you’re out seeing the sights, look for the walking tours. They’re typically much more inexpensive than other types of tours and they’re great for your body. Walking is a low-impact activity that most everyone can do and when you pace yourself you can easily walk all day long. It’s good for the mind, body and soul!

Tips for Traveling Healthy:

9. Fried Food Fast:

No, don’t eat fast food but skip the fried food. When you’re at a restaurant, pass on anything fried and opt for fresh or steamed veggies. Even baked food is okay but to help keep your calories in check, forego the fried stuff. Not only will it turn to fat but it will also slow you down, make you tired, and steal your oomph. If you have a full schedule ahead, being tired is the last thing you need!

10. Dance the Night Away

At the end of the day when you’re ready to cut loose and have some fun, put on your boogie shoes! Whether you’re rocking out to live music, doing the jitterbug, or getting your samba on, dancing is a wonderful way to stay in shape, keep your heart happy, and really have a good time. Chances are you’ll be smiling a lot too, which is a nice side effect.

So there you go – lots of ideas for staying healthy while on the road. Holidays are often filled with hectic itineraries and schedules but these simple things are easy to do and don’t take much time so you can easily work them into your workout and eat healthy!


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Suitcase Stories

Nicole Connolly is a full time traveller, freelance writer and lover of life. Travelling full-time since March 2012, Nicole and her husband Michael gave up their worldly possessions to travel indefinitely. Nicole shares stories, tips and guides on their travel blog Suitcase Stories.


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